Remote Support
writed by Crow
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Remote Support
Remote Support is software that give you access to remote computers

No IDs like 123 456 789. No passwords
Just start Remote_Support.exe at remote computer and set Name:

At your computer start Remote_Master.exe
Select computer you want to connect from list
No one can connect to your computer
Only you can connect to remote computers

Only one problem
You must have your server with static internet IP address

It can be any computer in your local network
Just forward port 80 or 8081 or any other from the internet to local machine on your router

Run Remote_Server.exe on this computer
If everything done correctly, you will see connection requests from Remote_Support in server console

To transfer files to remote computer right click on Remote Master window header
Press <-> button

Remote Support - works under Wine emulator
Remote Server - works under Wine emulator
Remote Master - have some problems
writed by Crow